02 October, 2008

Hip, Hip, Hurray :-)

Mesmerizing, magical and so very lyrical were the adjectives running in my mind as my eyes locked on the form ahead of me. Completely forgot the original train of thought as I saw them swivel in front of me. It was a magnificent pair of hips, wrapped in a light green chiffon sari. The wrap was diaphanous almost translucent. It curiously highlighted the full and curvaceous shape within, as it swayed, speaking in a language thats universal. She turned and I caught a glimpse of a profile. She was very pretty but her face didn’t have the perfection of her hips. I was walking to the office from the parking lot. It was not a very great distance, about 300 m, or so. But the hips on her stayed in front of me throughout.Regretfully had to turn away as the office building approached. They moved along to cast their spell further on.

My spirits had lifted and knew for certain that the day ahead would be wonderful. It had happened to me many a time earlier with other things. The sight of a joyous spirited laugh, full and hearty on a pretty face or a brilliant colour combination worn by an attractive lady. Sometimes it’s the manner in which a woman carried herself, that was pleasing to the eye, sometimes the sheer innocence of watching an animated face changing a mood. These moments are everywhere, mine have been largely found on the streets of Mumbai, while walking or driving. Lost in my thoughts an unexpected sight would grab the attention. At that very instant, would be unable to put a finger on what made my look linger that bit longer. It would appear like a flash and vanish. But something from it would stay on, bringing a tug to the lips, or make the heart thud a wee bit faster.

Superstitious folks have symbols for dark omens, like black cats crossing their paths, or a glass mirror cracking and breaking, or the number 13…They get worried , even scared and go to all lengths to avoid them.

I call my sights omens too and keep looking out for them. When I seek them, I see them all around me. I like the feeling of a smile on my face and the lift to my spirit that my omens provide. I feel better , I even work better as the day rocks. It only endorses a thought that the world is a beautiful place. Every one of us can be a self starter, provided, we have figured out what juices us up.
So like a biblical quote I tell every person to “Seek yonder your joy actively and it shall be thine”


Anonymous said...

sahi hai baap!!!

Pradeep said...

Very impressive writing..keep the good work going.

Kau Kau goes the Crow said...

Thanks guys

shazia said...

The signs... I look for them too. But started recently to get kyed into the spirit of the universe which shows glimpses and reveals itself in mysterious ways.... the world then turns magical and the mystery is everywhere.... never before have i experienced this so strongly. the signs are everywhere they just need the right eye.

Kau Kau goes the Crow said...

U r the one who is clued in..not many got the sense so simply from what i penned ..
Find ur own charger is what i say..it brings one closer to happiness..some might even use the nomenclature GOD

Vish said...

this is interesting.. u find inspiration on the streets of mumbai.. and as i write this i realize yes its possible. i have tried to find signs.. especially after reading The Alchemist.. never managed to find one (maybe i was looking too hard) and then i stopped thinking maybe i dont have it in me to spot signs. looks like i could give it another shot :)