10 November, 2008

Un-Bond ed : Quantum of Solace

Am a die -hard Bond fan, and this sequel to "The Casino Royale" left me wanting. "Quantum of Solace" is a sequel actually the first one in the series ( The others have been independent books), and picks up where the other movie ends. Its action packed, physical and human. But I miss my Bond as have enjoyed him in the tradition of Ian Fleming and "Cubby" Albert.R.Broccoli's on-screen creation. Bond is an idea an experience and one cant do away with the minutae that make the whole experience special. Sean Connery and Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan ,Timothy Dalton and the one off George Lazenby's portrayal too didnt veer away from this tradition.

This movie does away with a few classics which made James Bond the ultimate viewing experience.
  • The titles are bland and the biggest sacrilege , the original Bond signature tune is missing in this movie
  • No " My name is Bond..James Bond " introduction
  • The Martini is..neither shaken nor stirred but a bartender gives a long eulogy on what has gone into the drink Bond is holding..spare me the recipe's
  • Bond here is in mourning..with his love Vesper Lynd dying in an earlier saga..but should he be so grim all the time?
  • Bond is in Chan territory. He is very physical in his fights and he gets dirty, almost mucky at times. The one I knew would not even disturb the crease on his tuxedo or suit in a rough and tumble. I rather fancy Jackie Chan in the kind of physical action thats shown here, the parkour or gravity defying climbs and runs.
  • No Gadgets and no Q..I miss them badly.
  • No fancy cars either..In the begining we see an Aston Martin being chased but thats it.
  • Unless u have seen the previous film, the new viewer would get lost till the interval where the trace of a plot or whats happening cant be fathomed.
  • The plot itself has no real impact on how it would affect the world which Bond is gonna save.
  • Quantum as an organisation being so menacing is not felt by the viewer and here the impact of a Bond is truly lost.
  • A truly menacing larger than life villainous figure whose power is felt by the audience is conspicuous by his absence.

Yet despite these obviously absent must have "Bond-isms" the movie is pacy and exhilerating, by being just a high octane drama. The Bond-Babes are more cerebral now and its a welcome change. But yet, I want my old Bond experience back.

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