27 May, 2014

A Mirror for the Modi'ans

Congress has been booted out comprehensively is right...but truly amazing are some of the terms being used very loosely for this government. These are used by all those who are fans of Modi & seem to be swept away by the euphoria of his resounding win.  I would like to bring to notice certain things and put them into proper perspective. It will ease the pressure on Modi and allow him to do his job better. It is so much better than him being made a hero or worse still a God, way before he has even started. He doesn’t need that baggage on his back; believe me you are only weighing down the athlete way before he has started his run.

1) History being made here.

Hogwash!!!. It is just a change of guard at the top, Congress gone, BJP in. Nothing more, nothing less.
At Infosys, when Narayanmurthy retired, Nilekeni took his place, When Nilekeni went, Shibulal came  & now NRN returns, is this corporate history? Not at all, Its succession as a process. 

The CEO has changed & with him has changed his team ..you say he is good, OK, so let him do his job in peace.

2) Historic Mandate.

Historic for BJP perhaps, but not for India. India has seen higher number in seats won by one party. Circa 1984.

3) The Nation building begins.

No siree, it began in 1947 and has progressed so far with all governments and 14 Prime Ministers before NDM. He is only going to continue the task. Maybe he will undo a few things that he feels unnecessary and start a few other things, all that he is allowed to do from his chair.
The Nation progressed before him and shall progress way after he is gone. It will be great if it progresses at a more rapid rate than before under NDM. It’s what is expected. Who built that expectation? BJP's own media machine. Frankly speaking , I personally wouldn't penalize him for stretching the truth as long as he shows the intent to do a good job and work sincerely at it. And others must remember that he is a continuance in a long line before him and many who would come after. Reality being, he is not THE nation builder but yet another nation builder.

4) Criticizing / Not voting for Modi, makes you an anti-national, unpatriotic Indian.

That makes 69% of Indians ( or 550 million people ) who either did not vote /could not vote/chose not to vote for Modi or BJP unpatriotic and anti-national. 69% is a whopping greater number than the 31% ( 250 million)  of the vote share that BJP won. So we live in a unique country whose 69% voting residents are anti-national, oh boy. Pretty much weird isn't it?

5) Silence all those who criticize Modi , they are pessimistic, jealous that he won, depressed that their own candidate lost etc etc.

Actually no, they too are happy that a new leader is in the chair. They just may have a different opinion on other things he represents that is all. 
Criticize the English word has its roots in the Greek word Kritikos, which means having the ability, the right  and the freedom to form one’s own opinion and judgment. It is pointed out such that the person criticized looks at it constructively and raises the bar. Now there are two freedoms that are under scrutiny here both of whom stand the chance of being denied. One is the right to have a different opinion and two is the right to air it openly and publicly.

Do understand that they are equally passionate about India and care about her. Allowing that opinion to find a voice is the truest essence of Democracy.

Would you rather have it otherwise ???


Haddock said...

Now that we have someone on the steering wheel, let us hope that he steers our nation in the right direction.

kau kau goes the crow said...

Absolutely...Hope springs :-)

Yet there is something unreal about this Government and its whole show of solidarity and sense. These are the times that the cynic in me raises his head and insists look around with a jaundiced eye.

Its now in Modi's hands to douse this cynic and do away with him completely :-)

Thank you for visiting here Haddock.