29 October, 2016

Ye Dil Hai Mushkil : Ban the Banners, they created more curiosity than the movie deserved

A controversy & the furore that followed

Karan Johar has taken a Pakistani actor in the film, one Fawad Khan. When Fawad Khan was asked to condemn the terrorist attack on India he kept mum.Hawwww. The censors then pass the film. The Central Government keeps its mouth closed neither assuring protection to the exhibitors and producer nor denying it. Ban this film said Raj Thakeray, who stepped in and said we won’t allow exhibition. Some distributors stepped up and the association of single theatre owners in four states denied its exhibition and release. Karan Johar keeps quiet for the longest time as he had not stepped out of the bounds of the law but then at the very last moment chickens out and states vehemantly a love for his country. The CM of Maharshtra steps in and with Raj Thakeray playing the counting machine they force the hand of the producer and have him fork out Rs.5 crore and contribute it to the Indian Army. The Army does not like this and states it with no uncertainty. The Army says that it won’t accept any coerced funding, but take only voluntary donations. The gravel is yet to fall on this one whether the funding was voluntary or not. In the meantime the movie is released in the multiplexes to full houses.

Ye Dil is truly Mushkil - The K Jo Checklist

There is a new checklist that is out now when one has to go and watch a matured , older yet not exactly wiser K Jo directed movie. 

• Is LOVE , friendship ?
• or Is FRIENDSHIP, love?
• For life sufficiency and sustenance between Love & Friendship is either one of them good enough , or are both required or neither is enough?
•To make a movie universally acceptable is it necessary to have an international ambiance but with every single character a Person Of Indian Origin? Then a PIO to be a PIO has to flash his or her passport and proudly too. No it aint hip anymore in a Dharma productions to be an Indian with an Indian passport. You may at best become the clapper boy in the next movie.
• Should you watch a K Jo directed film if it does have a SRK , Kajol or Aalia Bhatt not in the lead roles but as special appearances ? These are the new red flags.


What happens onscreen
Ranbir and Anoushka in the first half hour have zippy conversation, cuddle, dance, smooch, look good and do the usual bummery. Then over the next five half hour slots keep repeating it until it comes out of one's ears. Fawad looks non-existently handsome and has no presence or his character any depth. As to Aishwarya Rai, one wonders from which angle did one conceive her to be a shayaraana (a Urdu poet) who spouts some really nice lines. Ash looks better as she has aged well but her acting and performance is still at the same strained level that she perfected in her magnum opus “Jeans”. No feeling ever reaches her eyes and they remain the same , blank and cold forever. Ranbir Kapoor is likeable but boringly the same as he was in all his recent movies. 

Aalia Bhatt in a special appearance brings in a breath of fresh air but it is too short. SRK in a special appearance is disgustingly smug and all in that one frame look sufficiently attractive yet old. 

The one real watchable performance comes from Anoushka Sharma. This girl is growing with every single film and is a treat to watch. She is sincere, saucy and sharp in each of her line delivery and comfortably natural on the screen. Niranjan Iyengar has written some wonderful lines in the dialogue and they may have qualified for an award had there been a structure or a story to support them. The movie has no single hummable song atleast nothing that shall remain in the memory after hearing it. Pritam struggles yet goes home with a cheque. His director found the work delieverd acceptable.


Had it not been for the controversy created over misplaced patriotism, the movie may definitely have flopped and quietly at that too. The controversy shall rake in the moolah by bringing in the crowd and even after having to fork out the Rs.5 crores there would be plenty left for K Jo to laugh his way to the bank. But he would be careful this time. Outside the bank he may adjust his expression, make it solemn and serious and then go in with the gunnybag full of collection money for depositing it.

K Jo wins, everyone else loses.


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